Egypt International City for Olympic Games - Aquatic Center

  • Client: Armed Forces Engineering Authority
  • Location: Cairo, Egypt
  • Total built up area: 41,100 m2
  • Total concrete: 30,000 m3
  • Total no. of spectators: 3000
  • Swimming pools dimensions: Pool 1 (26mx50m and depth 3m), Pool 2 (20mx25m and depth 5.25) and Pool 3 ( 25mx50m and depth 2m)
  • Scope of work: Delivering an Aquatic Center that constitutes of 3 swimming pools; 2 outdoors pools and one indoor pool. The indoor pool is excavated under the main road of the Olympic City, and it was constructed using 22 steel bridge beams spanning 38 meters. The Aquatic Center hosts more than 3000 spectators in addition to a spacious VIP lounge, it includes 16 pumps, 18 filters and an automated chemical chlorine system to purify the water and an air bubbles system.